Monday, March 24, 2008

Part of the Cultural Economy? Businesses, non-profits and individuals can see an array of grants at the La Cultural Econ Foundation

Opportunities that would qualify for funding through the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation:

* registration fees, booth fees, and/or travel for attendance at conferences, marketplaces, workshops, and/or artist showcases that will increase earned income
* consultant fees to work with an accountant or business consultant to make recipient financially fit for possible loans, grants or financing opportunities
* production or development of cultural products that increase the opportunity for income
* creation of an e-commerce website or fees to participate in an established on-line marketplace
* development of marketing materials directly related to a specific or new opportunity to generate income/revenue
* development of an organizational/individual business plan that outlines new income/revenue streams
* documentation of work related to a specific opportunity

See applications for a) businesses b) non-profits c) individual workers at The Economic Opportunity Fund (EOF), an initiative of the Louisiana Cultural Economy Foundation, 2008 Grants.

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