Monday, March 24, 2008

Michael D Harold, Shreveport artist, to read from novel M and speak on paintings and mixed-media work at Bossier Arts Council on Fri, Mar 28, 6:30 pm

Painter and multimedia fellow Michael Harold has been exhibiting art in the Shreveport-Bossier area for the last two decades, says Danielle Reans. The West Edge Artists Evening of Art Series will present Harold at the Bossier Arts Council on Fri, March 28, 6 pm. He will project images of his work, read from his new novel, M
, and talk about his background.

Harold's experiences range from showing work alongside the late Clyde Connell to reading at literary venues in California. He is a painter but has often combined his painting with video and other constructions. He will be queried about the 6-foot penis he created with Bruce Allen at Arodasi Studio, Shreveport, for an installation in 2006.

Copies of M will be for sale. Cash or checks, please.
Presentation at 6:30 pm; doors open at 5:30 pm.
Refreshments. No charge.

Danielle Reans, 465.7773.
Bossier Arts Council, 741.8310.


Noma said...

Mike Harold is a bafflingly talented human. I am intimidated just to chat with him because he is a true artist/intellectual. And that collaboration with Bruce Allen pictured there is too much fun.

Anonymous said...
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trudeau said...
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Anonymous said...

An anonymous comment is hardly a "true comment." It's nothing more than bathroom graffiti in a different medium.


Gra F. Fitti

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Please do come to Friday night's event and introduce yourself, anonymous, so you can voice your opinion. Or do you feel safer hiding behind a computer screen while exhibiting Internet Troll behavior? How wonderfully creative you are...

Gra F. Fitti

Nosmo King said...

I thought the art community was against censorship, yet disagreeable or critical comments are removed?

How ironic.

trudeau said...

I am not the art community. I am Robert Trudeau, not psedonym-protected as you are, and I don't like flaming. And I have many times deleted posts when they seemed to me to be uselessly negative. Especially have I deleted when a string of slashing remarks began to accumulate.

Reasoned criticism remains welcome.

Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

We would love for you to come to our event, Anon.

Our co-op has always enjoyed a little controversy...bring your comments and thoughts. (I'm making the possibly unsafe assumption that you ARE thinking.)

Michael Harold said...

Wow. flame wars.

The last time I had this many comments surrounding anything I was associated with was when I couldn't hold it anymore and peed on myself during mass in the third grade.