Thursday, March 13, 2008

Centenary students, profs take Shreveport lead in examining Darfur and Iraq war; display and panel Wed, Mar 12, 5 pm

The Centenary College Democrats and Amnesty International are sponsoring Student Awareness Week: Focus on Darfur and Iraq from Mar 10 to Mar 14, says Nadine Kaskas.

Student/Professor Panel Wed, Mar 12 at 5 pm, Student Union;
Focus on Darfur, Focus on Iraq:
* Dr. Rodney Grunes, Chair of History and Political Science Departments,
* Dr. Chris Cioccetti, Philosophy Department Chair and head of recent Ethics Forum
* Dr. Kim Vanhoosier-Carey, assistant professor of English and Director of the Academic Resource Center.

"In the Centenary quad, Amnesty placed 3,000 flags to signify all those who have been displaced and killed by the ongoing conflict in Darfur. Each flag represents 1,000 displaced or killed Darfuri in Sudan.

In the shell, the College Democrats have a two-part display: the first to commemmorate the 4,000 United States soldiers who have died fighting in Iraq, and the second to emphasize the 935 lies the Bush administration told to stir up support for the war.

The commemoration for the 4,000 soldiers is expressed through the display of 2,000 standing golf tees in the shape of a peace sign.

The study that produced the number 935 for executive branch lies was done by the Center for Public Integrity, who studied the statements of President Bush and seven top officials, including Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice, and Donald Rumsfeld from Sept 11, 2001 to Sept 11, 2003.

The war in Iraq began on March 19, 2003 - the Democrats' event will take place near the 5-year anniversary of the beginning of the war. More information can be found at"

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