Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Star cellist Shauna Rolston previewed her mesmerizing style at Suzuki Music School; to perform with the SSO Sat, Ap 1, 7:30 pm, Civic Theater

The gleaming black cello cradled by Shauna Rolston sent rays of light across the Hurley Music Bldg. The Canadian cello star was playing a recital for Laura Crawford's Suzuki Music School students and parents at Centenary College. She was simultaneously creating a new and cool pathway in classical music.

After the performance, students gaped at the slick, synthetic-looking surface of her instrument. They eyed her ravishing smile. "Awesome," came to mind.

Rolston attacks cello like a dervish. What better way to top off her long black hair and black dress - trimmed with denim for this informal afternoon concert - than with a high-tech instrument? Vive la difference, indeed.

Rolston's web site, shaunarolston.com, brings you a classical star of the new order. Having sat at her feet and listened to her encyclopedic attack and enjoyed eye contact with her as she played, I must recommend her. She performs with the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra at 7:30 pm Sat, Ap 1. See below for the straight stuff.

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