Friday, March 10, 2006

Northwest Louisiana Artists' Triennial Competition display at Meadows Museum this month

Painter Jerry Wray
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As you enter Meadows Museum you are greeted by a giant model of a red trailer truck - sort of a fantasy fire engine cum space vehicle - by Bennett Sewell. It is an anomaly in the show you are to see: the newly-opened NW Louisiana Artists' Triennial Competition. The Triennial is an exhibit of work by highly capable artists who seem united in pursuing the romantic and calming capture of things domestic. It is an alluring exhibit, if not an exciting one.

There are two Sewells in the show. Bennett's brother Patrick Sewell offers a painting and a "found wood stone sculpture." He has proven himself at Bistineau Gallery and in other displays an insightful practitioner of this primitive-canny form of construction.

The paintings of nationally-recognized artist Albino Hinojosa, associated with Louisiana Tech, are among many elegant pieces of art in the Triennial.

Jerry Wray's painting of a magus represents a new direction for her brush, she said. Young artists James Borders and Callie Baldwin also add vigor to the room via sketches and mixed media pieces.

Some 36 artists are represented in the Triennial. Upstairs are landscapes by Meg Harder, the New York artist who curated the Triennial. Also on display are Standard Works by North Carolina Artists.


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