Friday, March 31, 2006

Ellen Soffer's acrylic Blue Sound in West Edge Arts Co-op show at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse

blue sound
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Members of the West Edge Artists' Co-op have installed a new art exhibit at MLP in conjunction with the current production, Boy Gets Girl, says Debbie Engle. The exhibit will be on display throughout the duration of the play, and may be viewed during regular business hours after the play closes.

The West Edge Artists' Co-op is a non-profit, comprehensive artists' collective in Shreveport, Louisiana. The co-op will open a gallery space at 725 Milam Street in May 2006. Exhibits/installations of local professional artworks are available through their Citywide Gallery Program. Call 318.221.6961 for more details, or email the co-op at

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Anonymous said...

See this same beautiful Ellen Soffer image in Forum Magazine this week! Editor Karl Hasten went nuts over it.