Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Red Dirt Roots: Folk art in North Louisiana, airs at Artspace Fri, Mar 24, about 6:30 pm, along with films All Rendered Truth and Honeysuckle

Artspace Film night, Fr, Mar 24, beginning at 5:30 pm:

5:30 All Rendered Truth, by Patrick Long and Scott Blackwell. This hour-long documentary captures some marvelously eccentric folk artists, mostly in Alabama and Georgia.
6:40 Red Dirt Roots: Folk Art in North Louisiana, is Robert Trudeau's 35-minute long documentary based on folk artists honored by Artspace. It's heavy on the music, featuring the infectious acoustic group Dirtfoot, as well as fiddlers & pickers, the Ever Ready Gospel Singers and rapper Allen Brown (Rocko).
7:15 Honeysuckle - The production is a dramatized autobiography of professional dancer William Cook as "Cotton," a young boy who grew up in rural Northwest Louisiana in the early 1940s.

Artspace: 673-6535.

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