Monday, March 13, 2006

Down the rabbit's esophagus with artist Michael Harold: elastic ruminations from a fellowship award winner at

the rapture, by micah harold
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If you think you know the nature and ruts of local artists, I must ask "How well do you know the work of Michael D Harold?" He's a quiet and supportive wild man, living above and below ground and in the digital ether, simultaneously.

This week Harold says,"I just launched a web site called that contains most of my writing (including 4 books, essays on virtual reality, global computing, transmedia poetics, etc.,) and annotated images of painting and sculpture that date from the early 80s to the late 90s."

There's much art - paintings and collage, electronic media, work by his friends and children (the illustration above is by his talented son, Michah) as well as writing of diverse and stimulating intrepidity. The site is colorful and elegant - a model to be enjoyed by artists and writers alike.

Awarded Shreveport's multi-disciplinary artist fellowship for 2005, Harold shows us an amazing body of work on this site. When you see his visual fluency as well as hear his tales of cyber intelliventure, you will, I think, agree with the jurors.

Probably more to be consumed transcontinentally than at home:

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