Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tipitina's to send Creole Catering Truck to Texas St for Music Co-op Office Grand Jete' Th, June 30

Napoleon Ave at Tchoupitoulas St.: site of the world famous Tipitina's night club. As you can see, it's not swank. A number of us have passed some very sweaty times dancing our liquid tails off in that building.

Tip's is one of the success stories of New Orleans. Somehow it has managed to beat the numerous curses that bonk businesses in the Crescent City.

Today Tip's has spawned a Foundation, and a Music Co-op. And of course they built a giant catering truck. Life in Louisiana might well become intolerable without Creole cooking.

Thursday, June 30, a bit of New Orleans comes to Shreveport via that catering truck, called Big Blue. It will serve diners out side of 700 Texas St, Shreveport's Tipitina's Foundation Music Office Co-op. It's the grand plie' of Tip's Co-op Shreveport.

Dan Garner, executive chef for the local office, promises free food and beverages, live music, and tours of the facility starting about 2:30 pm.

Tipitina’s Music Office Co-Op is a business
development and job skills training program for musicians, filmmakers, and other digital media professionals, says Todd Souvignier, Tip's NO-to-Spt bagman. Memberships are $10 per month.

More info: 934-0000.


Unknown said...

Mars Vegas is honored to be representing Shreveport as we will perform numbers from our acoustic set before and after the ribbon cutting ceremony. Word is that there will be an open acoustic mic after the formal festivities inside of the Tipitina’s Building, in the back garage. With free food, beverages, music, and city and state officials you can’t go wrong!

Robert E Trudeau said...

City and state officials have been invited downtown, I believe, to provide comic relief.