Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mars Vegas unplugged at Artspace/Coolspace Sat, June 11; show begins at 8 pm

Mars Vegas, rock trio, tries something new at Artspace/Coolspace Sat, June 11. They're performing without twisting the volume knobs on all their amps up to 10.

Says bassist Brett Roman: "We did out first acoustic practice today and it is working out really well. I am sure that it's going to be entertaining."

There will be a video of a recent session of Mars Vegas at Lil Joes Tavern followed by an unplugged set of some 6 tunes.

The show, which includes belly dance duo Port Belly Project (Rebecca Nesbitt, Kathy Fontaine) as well as Ron Hardy and dancers from Playaz and Playettes, begins at 8 pm. $5. Info: 673-6536.

Also available: Ghost Town Flood, the trio's recently-released album.


Art-Zombie said...

Your image of Mars Vegas here is quite interesting. I've seen Chat "lit" before, but here it loks as if his head is a whole universe!


niorrobin said...

Yeah, Chad does look a little "lit". Heh heh!! Can't wait for this show, though! ~Robin