Thursday, June 16, 2005

Artspace lecture Th, June 16: the art of nanotechnology

Artspace gets right with nanotechnology tonight, Thursday, June 16, at 7 pm.

After virtually ignoring nanotechnology for months, the folks at Artspace have scheduled a nanotechnology lecture. Nanotechnology may be expensive - we assume the price will tumble after WalMart bludgeons the nanotechers with an opening price point lecture - but tonight's introduction to it is free.

The Artspacers point out that La Tech has the first nanosystems technology degree in the nation. Tonight's lecturer is La Tech's prof Dr. Hisham Hegob.

Artspace is at 710 Texas St, half a block from the landmark spire of First Methodist Church. Details: 673-6535.

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Noma said...

Dr. Hegab was warm and engaging and had a great sense of humor, which was needed because there were so few people in attendance. However, the audience was into it and asked good questions. He ever presented some nanotech resources for art. Sorry you missed it.