Thursday, June 16, 2005

Let the Good Times Roll Festival, Shreveport's Festival Plaza, Fri, June 17, through Sun, June 19

If mid-June and the summer heat has arrived, it's time for Festival Plaza, downtown Shreveport, to showcase an annual and classic festival called Let the Good Times Roll. Joseph Odom, chairman of the board of Rho Omega fraternity, pointed me to the festival website,, for the schedule. While Rho Omega is known across the city as the Good Times festival host, the group has been a quiet but insistent cultural force since 1923.

Friday, June 17
5:00 Opening (Prayer, National Anthem)
5:15 Jabbo
6:30 Presentations
6:45 Freddie Pierson
8:15 All Funk Radio Show
10:00 Mel Waiters

Saturday June 18th
12:00 Opening- CD Music
1:00 Curly Taylor & Zydeco Trouble
4:00 Jackie Lewis w/Betty Lewis
5:45 High Five
7:00 All Funk Radio Show
8:45 Lyfe
10:00 Aaron Hall

Sunday June 19th
3:30 Opening - Gospel Showcase
5:30 Embrace
6:10 Rhythm Warehouse
7:40 Presentations
8:00 Zapp

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