Monday, June 27, 2005

Downtown art center open 7 days for kid activities, gifts, food, meetings, meditation: Artspace

* How many days a week is Artspace open?
* On what days is it open til 9 pm?
* Are there guided art activities for kids every day of the week?

The answer to the above:
* Open 7 days.
* Late nights are Thursday through Saturday - til 9 pm.
* Yes. Kid activities 10:30 to noon and 2:oo to 3:30 Mon to Sat. Sunday: 2 to 3:30.

Over the weekend Artspace offered a scifi double-feature. Mimsy Borogroves, one of my downtown correspondents, reports: "Barbarella / Rocky Horror Picture Show drew over 50 people. Three awards were flung out: Best Audience Participator: Tony Reans; Best Time Warper: A young man in a white hat with a cigar, and Best Costume: A pretty young man from Austin named "Hooker." A good time was had by all. Dan Garner announced we'd be doing it every Friday night at midnight. However, he's crazy. He made that up. But we might just have to do it again."

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