Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Running, cycling and reviewing: SciPort and Imax movies

The Imax movie Top Speed opens at SciPort on Saturday, July 2, says SciPort's whippet, Eric Gipson.

Examining every aspect of speed, from running to motorcycling, the movie might be considered "a big-screen fix for sports fans and thrill seekers," notes Gipson. But there's more: this flick examines "the mind, body, heart and science connections of pushing the envelope of speed in several sports."

More importantly to me, Gipson sent a note addressing the Imax as a sacred medium. He was responding to the recent dialogue on criticism begun by the Times' Alex Kent.

Gipson says of SptBlog, "I like the fact that you include views from your personal experience as a visitor and supporter--even if there is constructive criticism. It's always been my view that we need to be 'reviewed' more! As you said in your letter to The Times, reviews are healthy and make us all give that extra bit of umph, whether it be in the delivery of a program or, oftentimes in our case, the creation or selection of a program or event as well!

"We've been open for over 6 1/2 years, and no one (to my knowledge) has ever reviewed an IMAX film here!"

If you, dear reader, have critical remarks to offer re. SciPort or an Imax movie, please post it here. And in the meantime I'll sharpen my pen as I get ready for the large-screen Top Speed.

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