Friday, June 24, 2005

Shakespeare in July via Hooper, Peak, King, Folmer, Kirton and Shaw

July may not look so arid when there's a Shakespeare infusion on its way. Centenary College drama chief Don Hooper and director Heather Peak say to mark calenders thusly:

July 7 and 9
8 pm
July 21 and 23
8 pm
Comedy of Errors
July 14 and 16
8 pm
July 22 8:00 pm
July 17 and 24 2:00 pm

Plays are at Marjorie Lyons Playhouse, Centenary. Admission is $12 per adult; 10, senior and military; 5, students and 20 for 2 adults.

Behind the scenes, according to Hooper: "Patrick and Susan Kirton are playing husband and wife, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Andy Shaw, who was Russell Crowe's fight instructor for Gladiator (the
film) is doing our fight choreography."

An aside: "We are buying red food coloring by the gallon to make the blood for Macbeth."

Finally: "Comedy of Errors has Dick King and Richard Folmer onstage together, playing the leads. It should be a riot."

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are you serious?