Friday, June 10, 2005

See belly dance by Kathy Fontaine & Rebecca Nesbitt at Artspace Sat, June 11, 8 pm

Please come to Cirque du Trudeau, my 3-ring circus, at Artspace Saturday night:

* Big Mama's Kidz with Ron Hardy: game dance by kids from Hope St in Allendale.
* Port Belly Project: high energy belly dance and tribal costumes from Nesbitt and Fontaine.
* Mars Vegas acoustic: Brett Roman, Chadwick Leger and Josh Coker spin out 6 tunes in an intimate, almost-unplugged setting. Including a new tune, Zombie Party, written for their next album.
* videos and soundtrack by your host, Robert Trudeau.

From 8 to 10 pm or thereabouts.
It's an all-ages show.
Purchase supper or snacks from Loftspace, the cafe upstairs.
$5 per.
Details: 673-6535.


niorrobin said...

I could not have been more impressed with the Port Belly Project if they had danced across my face! And, of course, Mars Vegas was great, as ususal. The kids were so beautiful and funny, it made me want to be that young again. Thank you, Mr. Trudeau, for a lovely evening, in a lovely place, surrounded by lovely people. Icertainly enjoyed myself. ~Robin Beach

Anonymous said...

robert, thanks for the link--great page, entertaining as i expected! i thoroughly enjoyed visiting with you and talbot yesterday at the boys' sailing activity. best of luck to you both and may i say my life has been enriched and touched forever as a result of our friendship. tara mercer

Noma said...

Bravo, Trudeau.