Sunday, June 05, 2005

SciPort: SkyCycle debuts; the art of rocketry and parachutes is demonstrated

Two liter plastic bottles became sky-splitting rockets at SciPort this weekend. Filled with hydrogen and oxygen molecules and Werner Von Brauned with pumps operated by the young onlookers, the missles spurted some three 3 stories into the blue. Some of the projectiles found a new home atop the roof; others tumbled through the stratosphere til they scattered the onlookers on re-entry.

Several styles of rockets were demonstrated. Mini pop rockets, for instance, were fired inside the building. To their credit, the SciPort techies have built the rockets and launchers from easily-scavenged materials. And SciPort's guides were adept at answering questions about whether one might Do This at Home (we plan to).

The SkyCycle debuted this weekend. We found it a marvelous concept and grand piece of work but anticlimactic in the performance. Riders, by the way, must be 5' tall to operate the SkyCycle.

SciPort has the enviable position of placement beside the river. The serpentine sidewalks and dancing fountains of Riverside Park beckon as a bonus for those who are so virtuous as to visit the science center.
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