Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Rebecca Nesbitt to show collages & paintings at Fairfield Studios

With a degree in mechanical engineering and a career as a science teacher, Rebecca Nesbitt uses painting and dance to escape from logic, she writes. Her considerable talent at dance was displayed this weekend at Artspace. This week her paintings and collages will go on display at Fairfield Studios.

Nesbitt is a largely self-taught painter. Spring landscapes, patterns, and relationships inspire the paintings and collages in this Fairfield Studios show.

This young woman is a cultural whirlwind; she has participated in community art events such as the Revel, Montessori Art Auction, Arts on the Edge, and Artport. As a dancer she is associated with Missy Hornbeak's center, Danceworx. See more about Nesbitt's dance side at www.portbellyproject.com.

And I must say that adding an art show to the musical offerings at Fairfield Studios is a cool idea. Catercorner from Sizer Yerger's artful tattoo shop, the Body Electric, Fairfield Studios is a nifty audio-video center with comfortable parking.

The corner of Fairfield and Jordan is becoming an art node. Close to downtown and part of a pleasant and historic section of the city, it may yet grow to include more art facilities.


DANGe said...

Awesome job Rebecca! I am nostalgic for Shreveport in so many ways. So many friends and interesting things going on. Athens is soooooo full of jaded people and diletantes. Summer heat on the street. I am so proud of you.

Robert E Trudeau said...

Thanks for maintaining our lines of communication and
your reportage and your encouragement.