Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Artspace/Coolspace show Saturday, June 11, at 8 pm: Hope St dancers, Port Belly Project, Mars Vegas

Young dancers from Hope St, Allendale, will dance to music by their mentor, musician and art center founder Ron Hardy, at Artspace. The group from Playaz and Playettes Inc, an award-winning arts institution, will dance at 8 pm in the basement at Artspace, a gallery known as Coolspace.

There will be videos and music by Robert Trudeau, a Middle Eastern dance show by Port Belly Project, Rebecca Nesbitt and Kathy Fontaine, and an unplugged show by rock trio Mars Vegas.

Admission is $5. More info from Artspace, 673-6535. For more info from the producer, please see the email address at top of page.

In the photo above: Jasmine Gaston, Moeneshia Turner, Nakeita Gaston, Jemesha Gaston, Myeshia Turner and Darrell Turner with Ron Hardy - at 720 Hope St.

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