Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ice capades and Velvetron from Chicago via Minicine at Tipitina's Foundation, Wed, June 22, 9 pm

A Chicago film and video show will be presented by David Nelson and cohorts, Minicine?, followed by the tech noir trio Velvetron, Wed. June 22, at Tipitina's Music Co-oP, 700 Texas Street. It begins at 9PM / $5.

The Ice Capades Film and Video Series is a Chicago film and video artist project. Unlike many big league art nodals, they are endeavoring to present work "in a fun and intimate environment." They claim "We believe the monthly screenings encourage community and collaboration not only between filmmakers, but musicians, printmakers, and writers, as all these mediums have been a part of the Ice Capades experience. Chicago's Ice Factory, home of Fresh Produce Records, hosts the season's screenings between February and May. Additionally, the Ice Capades welcomes touring programs through the summer and fall."

Sounds like a model for Shreveport.

Video is to be followed by the trio Velvetron. No BBQ as far as I know. But the downtown garage streetcorner BBQ potential is enormous at Tip's.

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