Wednesday, May 25, 2005

West Virginia, Chicago, Detroit: short films by Brown & Comerford at Tipitina's Foundation, Th, May 26, 8 pm

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"Films about the space of history and the history of spaces," is how peripatetic filmmakers Bill Brown and Thomas Comerford describe their 16 mm work. "These films explore how historical text becomes physical texture, and how filmmaking itself is memory recovered from landscape's amnesia."

Brown and Comerford will screen their recent work at Tipitina's Foundation, 710 Texas, Th, May 26, says David Nelson via his art production entity, minicne?. The time is 8 pm (total running time of 3 movies about 1 hour, says Nelson) and the tariff $5. Tip's is 934-0000.

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Anonymous said...

I'm tickled to get the old "Stan's" address, but we are in fact located at 700 Texas Street.
Your pal and fan,
Tipitina Dan