Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Michael Butterman leads the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra Sat, May 7, 7:30, at the Civic Theater

Young conductor Michael Butterman commutes across the country - Florida, New York, New Mexico - to his several jobs. This week he has an abode in Shreveport. He's rehearsing the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra in a program of his choosing; he calls it Great Britten.

Butterman is the fifth of five condidates for the job of SSO front man.

Saturday night at 7:30 local audiences will see this wunderkind in action. The concert is the last of the Masterworks series this season.

Then Butterman will zoom off to Colorado and Virginia, locations for his summer work.

And the Shreveport audience will enjoy the process of evaluating his performance. Featured violinist Staurday night will be the protean Kermit Poling. He has done energetic, balletic work at the podium in recent weeks.

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