Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Education and fountains and America and Shreveport

"A metro’s income grows 1 percentage point for every 2-percentage point growth in adults with a bachelor’s degree." From a speech by Bruce Katz, director of the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, quoted by architect Kim Mitchell in his Shreveport-relevant urban studies blog.

Mitchell is a thoughtful, inquisitive architect who brings important voices into the discussion about what Shreveport should do next. He is part of the group that designed the stylized roses and poppy fountains of Shreveport's Riverside Park.

While is in no discernable way connected to anyone above, it comes to mind. If you care about the state of local sanity and how politicos impact our lives, you'll want to visit this blog and explore local issues. Once upon a time this kind of material was barbershop gossip. Or lunch-at-the-club material. Today blogs like offer us the opportunity to pool our background vis-a-vis the powermongers.

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