Friday, May 06, 2005

New work by Greg Hornbeak at Nader's Gallery

Greg Hornbeak is a classic and savvy painter. He has a down-home air. There's a disarmingly charming lack of pretension to his discussions of image making. But Hornbeak knows the history of art, the business of art, the psychology of clients. He cares about the metaphysical side of art and of an artful life.

For years we have owned a small Greg Hornbeak oil painted on a tile for a show at ArtPort. An exploration of Native American design motifs, it has endured as an appealing piece of work. Nader's Gallery on King's Highway has sold quite a bit of his work, says Missy Hornbeak, the artist's wife. The Naders' shop might be a good place to get acquainted with this talented artist's work.

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Anonymous said...

The Hornbeak painting with the red, orange and tranquil brown hues at Nader's Gallery bespeaks the unspoken tragic cyclical wisdom of the circus to which nobody came, the souls looking directly down have long portended to perished their acts and economy even before the gray of dawn.

Perfect little red-brown X in the right - a scene of capitalist crime the detective may truly know.

Greg Hornbeak's art's bright yet mature color and somber hues portray the essential lesson of dimension, proving perfect both for educational, business and corporate venues and audiences.