Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch: Thursdays at Sharpie's, 5:30

Thursday at Sharpie's Clubhouse (King's at Youree), at 5:15 pm: singer Greg Williams walks in with his bass and a cake-eating grin. He knows everyone in East Shreveport and will prove it hour after hour. Russ Brabham slips in with his guitars. This is the kind of attorney who works hard so he can pay for his music habit. Their sidemen are already in place, being top local professionals.

The group is called Russ Brabham & Hominy Ranch. They're proud of their version of the '70's Austin sound. It's something they know well. And it includes Buffet, Chapin and Dylan.

They call themselves "The finest singalong party band in the Ark-La-Tex since 1978." Lol.

What I like about this loose-shoe band is the video you can watch at Greg's Separate Branches Publishing site. Wish every gang of entertainers had a video like this one.

Sharpie's is 219-7400.

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Thinkingmom said...

Hmmm....this sounds very interesting, and I just adore Greg. Thanks for letting us know about this!