Saturday, May 14, 2005

Museum, a play by Tina Howe, Fr, May 20, Sat, May 21, at Artspace / photoMichaelGMoore

Artspace in the West Edge will present Museum, a one-act play by Tina Howe, on May 20 and 21.

Directed by John F. Daniel, the script exploits the comic characters that frequent a museum. It will be staged with actors wandering about the audience in the Mainspace of Artspace.

Actors taking on the multiple roles in Museum are: Mike Knutson, Kenny Loggins, Amber Landrum, Porter Gandy, Dawn Landrum, Barbara Hill, Paula Brown, Tonya Free, Monica Dollar, Jody McInnis, Betty Baker, Rachel Munro, Dale Phillips, John F. Daniel, Josh Gutierrez and Leland Strebeck.

Alicia Smith is Assistant Director. Special art is being designed and constructed by Donna Strebeck, John F. Daniel and Alicia Smith.

Reservations are not necessary due to the nature of the play, says Artspace. For more details, call 673-6535. The show is free to the public. But $5 for friends of the cast.


Unknown said...

These folks are doing a great job. While I was waiting for some coffee @ Art Space I heard some yelling and arguing about “don’t touch the art!” I thought that a brawl was about to take place! I look over the balcony and it was just the group rehearsing.

Anonymous said...

Monica Dollar???!!!!
The Lady Wrestler????!!


The Savage Chuck

Noma said...

God, Chuck. That link took me into an entire other universe. Man, I'd like to spend some quality time in your head.