Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What tools to get for a creative Xmas, guitaristically-speaking

In search of creative tools for Xmas, I found myself nipping into Don Teach's Shreveport Music, 1815 East 70th St. There I heard sweet, jazzy sounds being played on a rock 'n roll classic, the American Stratocaster. The player was auto salesman/ musician Paul Morgan. He works for his brother at Mike Morgan Pontiac, he said. But I would say he eats and breathes music.

"I play a Telecaster, the Model T of guitars," he explained. "I needed a Strat." Like a thoughtful musician, he didn't order one from a catalog. He played dozens of Strats at Shreveport Music until he found one with a light body, flat, thin neck and mellow resonanace.

Asked to recommend an amplifier, he explained, "Even though I adore tube amps I can tell you that this Roland Cube 30 is an amazing product. Light and rich of sound. And all the fx you need are built in." Indeed, across several major guitar forums the Roland Cube 30 and 60 are being given high marks by consumers.

Morgan plays with a group called The New Oreos, "Louisiana's premiere variety band." For booking (based on his playing, I'd book them) call 318-686-3964.

New Strats begin at about $300. The one Morgan is getting is $850. The amp is about $250.

Shreveport Music: 798-6000, as well as

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