Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Artistic tools and toys for musical people: guitars from Shreveport Music and lessons from the Guitar Studio

David Gardner teaches guitar alongside Danny Wilder at the Guitar Studio. Between his tutoring, Gardner can enjoy a guitar cornucopia, since the Guitar Studio is inside Don Teach's Shreveport Music building.

Gardner loves Martin guitars. For the SptBlog Xmas recommendation (since when have we been so blatantly commercial?) he chose a Martin D-28 Herringbone. As he plucked the D-28, a full-bodied sound emanated from the spruce body and filled the area. In his studio Gardner plays a Steve Howe model (the British group Yes) Martin acoustic.

While the Martin D-28 is about $2000, there are numerous less-costly, rich-sounding and easy-playing guitars in the store, located at 1815 East 70th.

Lessons from someone as caring as Gardner and Wilder are also highly recommended.

Guitar Studio: 549-9392.
Shreveport Music: 798-6000.


Anonymous said...

Talk about shameless!!! Teach should at least GIVE you a D-28 for the plugs. You are, however, more likey to have dinner with Kevin and Ashton at the Steakhouse, their nickel. Oh well...

In case there are some uninitiated out there thinking about Xmas axes and amps, even Sam Goody is selling economy line Fender stuff. Squire Strats and Frontman 15 and 25 watt amps, all at reasonable prices, just right for the price-minded beginner, each about $130-150. Packages (amp plus axe) available from several internet dealers for less.

...And a partridge with an E string...

trudeau said...

Lol, Anon.

No, not even a supper awaits the supplicant blogger outside the doors of the Kingdom of Teach.

Thanks for the bargain guitar reminders. I started my life with a bottom-of-the-line Silvertone box guitar with Black Diamond cheese-slicer strings. I hope other guitarists with suggestions will pop a comment.

BRS, what do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

Shreveport Music Co. will do their best to beat any Internet price. I promise. Don Teach
Thanks Robert.

Anonymous said...

Wow Don, it took you over 2 years to reply. You are slipping sir. Your fan in Florida!