Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture to be aired at Artspace Th, Dec 15, 7 pm

More than 60 interviews with the founder of Interview magazine are the fabric of the Chris Rodley film Andy Warhol: The Complete Picture.

See it at Artspace Th, Dec 15, at 7 pm. Call 673-6535.

Warhol comes to us via Rene Broussard, a New Orleanian who brought his Zeitgeist Multi-D Arts Center work to Shreveport after Katrina.

Donation: $5.

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trudeau said...

Behind his considerable facade Andrew Warhola was a mass of contradictions. That aside, his artistic impulses changed the late, modern culture; he prodded the world into a fresh sense of seeing.

Therefore I would highly recommend this DVD to a group viewing by artists, critics and smart-alecks with a jug of wine. Art students: a must-see. Teachers, be aware that there are a few highly-adult passages. Alas.