Friday, December 30, 2005

Waterlines, Lakeview neighborhood, New Orleans / photo Kathie Cranford

Series of 4 New Orleans photos and commentary Dec 26, 05, by Slidell residents Kathie & Clay Cranford (my sister and her husband):

"Clay and I took Jane and Andy to the airport early the morning after Christmas and then decided to take our own city tour of the levee breaches and the results of flooding. Here are some of the grim and astounding sights we saw. The first shot is of two charming cottages in Lakeview that clearly tell the story of how much floodwater they steeped in. They are also stained with the orange, spray-painted X that is the mark of Cain on almost every single house in New Orleans; it tells of the house-to-house search for bodies. The minor litter in the front yards shows that the debris piles of soaked sheetrock, mattresses, and furniture have been removed already."

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