Thursday, December 15, 2005

Sweet Nadines and Danny Wilder at Java Junction Friday, Dec 15, 9 pm

Supper and singing and easy parking at Java Junction, corner of Alexander and King's Hwy, says chef and owner Lee Bamberg.

The Nadine's boast sister harmonies and guitarist Danny Wilder as their accompanist.

Java Junction is cozy.

9 to 11 pm. All ages. At the last minute a change in schedule from Java Junction placed the Nadines at 9 pm. Apologies.
Info: 865-9313.

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trudeau said...

The Nadines are a perfect match for the intimate front room at Java Junction. Twin guitars, well-meshed. The virtuosity of Jen's picking and chording (ex, getting it right on Vince Guaraldi's Chalie Brown's Xmas piano voicings). Danny's laid-backness. Jes's full-bodied lead voice (great Tracy Chapman, for ex). Sparkle of Jes's eyes as she recognizes and acknowledges her audience. Sister harmonies. And Jen's moving version of Louisiana, 1927, a favorite of Java Junction host Lee Bamberg.