Saturday, December 03, 2005

Art Party at 327 Market St, Arodasi Dance Center / Bistineau Gallery, Sat, Dec 3, 6 pm

Dennis O Bryant's acrylic called Con Botas y Chiffon Rojo is one of the pieces to be enjoyed in a show called Three Visions of the Feminine at Bistineau Gallery, 327 Market St, says Rebecca Hudsmith, owner.

Across the hall at Arodasi Studios Bruce Allen and Dorothinia present a show called The Art of the Masculine.

In the backmost room a giant male organ has been under construction this week, said MDH. No advance photos were allowed by artist Bruce Allen, said my informant. Nor did the smiling, laconic Mr. Allen return my email.

SptBlog has heretofore avoided publishing photos of the p*nis, in keeping with the theme of media self-censorship prevalent today. Cleavage good, buttocks (see above) good, p*nis bad.

But what about a Tasteful p*nis? An Artful p*nis? Ah so; we have now an entirely different equation.

Stay tuned for the agony that accompanies publishing the image of anything but the mammarical.

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Debbie Buchanan Engle said...

Preach it, brother.