Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Jon Graubarth photography at Artspace, Shreveport: Crossroads

New Orleanian Jon Graubarth hangs with Fats and Aaron when he's designing and producing entertainment. Thus he's an Crescent City insider with a camera and a surrounding feast.

New Orleans producer Richard Lazes says “For over ten years Jon has worked with our company on a variety of projects. Jon’s creativity and
enthusiasm have nurtured projects such as Fats and Friends, Tell It Like It Is, and Sass and Brass for
Cinemax, plus designs for restaurants and nightclubs that we have built in Atlanta, GA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL as well as projects in North Carolina."

If you like New Orleans, you'll enjoy and appreciate the ramifications of his web site, jongraubarth.com.

See his digitally exploded photos in a display called Crossroads at Artspace. His technicolor creations are to found in the area adjacent to the upstairs cafe.

Info: 673-6535.

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