Saturday, December 24, 2005

Shreveport sounds / Matt Hazelton, Jay Bratlie: the eclectic Dirtfoot

How to find your olde friends and the music scene in Shreveport when you're home for the holidays? One source will be the Shreveport Rocks Forum (please see the sidebar on this blog for links).

Otherwise, cruise by Lil Joes (also linked here, but maybe they've lost their web person), next to George's Grill, and 516 Soundstage, Texas St. The photo of Dirtfoot above was shot at the perennially popular Noble Savage, also on Texas St.

If you're holding out for Dirtfoot, check their web site. The site has music and says they're making mayhem at Columbia Cafe Dec. 31. Hmm.

And to whom should I give credit for this excellent photo?

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Aaron said...

I believe that photo was taken by the lovely Aubre (