Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Robinson Film Center has a new web site, newsletter and calendar of activities at robinsonfilmcenter.org

Robinson Film Center's web presence has finally been upgraded. Most people will find the Upcoming Events page the most useful spot, I'd say. For instance, here's a blurb from an opening this weekend:

"Deliberate" Film Premiere

"Shreveport-based filmmaker Phillip Jordan Brooks and host Jeffrey Kallenberg will present an evening of locally-produced short films on Friday, Dec. 9th at Shreveport’s Municipal Auditorium (705 Elvis Presley Avenue). Brooks will premiere his newest film, “Deliberate” as well as a selection of earlier works. The complete program, which runs less than one hour, will be presented at 8:30 PM, 9:30 PM and 10:30 PM. Admission is $5, including a buffet provided by Kon Tiki and free parking lot security."

"A performance by the Shreveport Metropolitan Jazz Ensemble will be included in the evening. There will be a cash bar, too. The film is unrated but does include some combat-related violence."

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