Monday, December 12, 2005

Painters' models, for heaven's sake, seem to be needed for the unfolding of the artistic process

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Under Noma Fowler-Sandlin's recent management of Coolspace, undraped artist's models were presented once a month. Here's hoping, for the sake of anatomists and classicists, that the live model sessions are returned to the public agenda.

Meanwhile, after a successful opening which featured nudes at Bistineau Gallery, 327 Market St, painter-sculptor Dennis O Bryant sent us this graphic ad. He comments, "It won't surprise you that in the small town of Marshall, TX, where I live and work, that models are in short supply."

See O Bryant's work at and email, as you see above,


Noma said...

The nude modeling sessions were extremely helpful. It's a pity they don't rank high on the priority list of the place anymore. I will email Dennis and give him my list of models. Thanks, RT.

saratoga said...

I really miss the classes, as I got lots of practice drawing nudes again when I was able to attend!