Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What to get your kids for Xmas: toys and tools

My perfect Santa's list for teens and other progeny includes:

* Digital camera - let's face it, they're affordable and enormously useful. My 9 year-old uses one to shoot brief movies. The segments can be stitched together using easy-to-use software on PC or Mac.

* Laptop! My iBook 12" has changed my life. An example: I can do homework around the family - so can my son - instead of tucked away in the middle room at the desktop computer.

* Broadband internet connection. It's a new century and life costs a bit more. Your kid and family are communicators; it's what Americans do.

* Router for a wireless connection in the house. Use the fast connection no matter the room you're in.

* Classes in digital skills such as Photoshop or Flash. See LSUS, Centenary, BPCC, SRAC, etc.

* At the very least, a flash drive (jump drive) in their stocking. What capacity? A 128 is good, a 256 better.

* iPod Nano or other flash drive mp3 player: they can be used to transport projects and photos as well as music.

Do you have similar suggestions?


Blivet Head said...

Switches and a lump of coal. It was good enough for me.

trudeau said...

As a result, your sense of self-esteem, as reflected in your nickname - oh, never mind.

Noma said...

For any geek-prone computer type, you can never go wrong with a Waccom (sp?) tablet.