Sunday, December 18, 2005

Crafty Xmas giving involves a sort of vinyl-polymer glitz, doesn't it? A reader trumpets a tubby idea

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The only entitled friend we have, Sir Kevin Wolfe, writes,

"Hey there,

If you are having trouble picking out a present for a friend or a family member here is an idea that Janet and I like to use and it solves a lot of decision- making problems.

Americans are simply storage nuts. Look around you at all the storage buildings with space to rent. So here is the idea.

Go get one of those Rubbermaid storage tubs. (The size depends on what comes next.) That takes care of the storage gift.
Then get as many useful items that you need to fill the storage tub. Things like extension cords, flashlights, hot hands, gloves, sticky notes and push pins. Any useful item you can think of. Get one tub for each person and fill each tub with as many items as you think that one will use. Who out there hasn't needed a flashlight lately? Don't forget the batteries.

Pick up lots of wrapping paper and tape. Wrap each item separately, placing them in the storage tub. Then wrap the storage tub. Apply a name tag for the recipient. VOILA!!! Gift giving has never been so much fun.

Sir Kevin /"

SptBlog woul'd like to extend thanks to both Sir Kevin the crafts maven and the crazed people in Melbourne - see photo - who reminded us that tubs & bins can be painted, too.

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