Tuesday, December 27, 2005

New Orleans below Sea level: keeping alive the study and debate over the future of the Crescent City

New Orleans below Sea level
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My blue-roofed sister in Slidell says the Times-Picayune has done a surprisingly good job of writing about cities across the globe that have been devastated by floods and similarly-annihilating events.

SptBlog has been remiss in not using Nola.com as a source and way to provoke discussions on the fate of the city. On the other hand, none of the Shreveport media have done a great job covering the Katrina aftermath. As far as I know this blog was the only Shreveport spot that trumpeted the NY Times editorial Death of an American City (see SptBlog archives, Dec 11).

Is there a web site wherein the state or the nation gets an overview of the city's plight (here's a link to Nova's The Storm that Drowned a City) and the proposals to be considered?

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