Saturday, November 07, 2009

Velo Dendro tour, Shreveport: the art of the tree, as explained by forester Hallie Dozier

With some 100 people riding through East Shreveport in a green wave of high-viz shirts, Velo Dendro was a distinct cultural success on Sat, Nov 7.

Hallie Dozier, forestry prof at LSU and former Shreveport resident, was articulate and informative as the tour guide. Matthew Linn, Caddo Commissioner and proprietor of Columbia Cafe, was accommodating as host and co-planner.

All ages were represented. There were tots in handlebar seats, small fry on their own small bikes, college students, 30-somethings and the sanhedrin.

A typical stop is seen in the photo above. Bruce Allen and wife, Kristin Dorothy Hanna, opened their yard at 555 Herndon to the tour.

The only question unanswered at the end of the day was "When and how do we do this again?"

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