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Arts budget in Bossier may be slashed to half of the 08 figure, says Bossier Arts Council director

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As you have likely heard, the Bossier City Council is looking to make drastic budget cuts this year. Currently, the proposed budget calls for half of what Bossier Arts Council received last year, says Kelly Warner.

The total cut is $55,000 and is the equivalent of 3 salaries. The Bossier Arts Council has a mere 4 employees and operates on a frugal annual budget. This budget cut is potentially devastating to our organization and will impact Bossier's cultural economy in its entirety.

- The Arts contributes to Louisiana's economy with a total impact of $934 million.
- Every dollar in the Arts leverages $7 in earned and contributed revenue
- If the Bossier City Council moves forward with the proposed budget, Bossier will feel a total economic loss of $385,000 in our cultural community.
source: Louisiana State Office of Cultural Development, Department of Culture, Recreation, and Tourism

What can you do?
1. Visit our website, and become a fan on Facebook to support this cause.
2. Forward this email to everyone in your address book.
3. Email and phone the following City Council Members to let them know you do not support the Bossier Arts Council cuts.

Scott Irwin
Home: 742.2190

Jeffery Darby
Office: 742.6910
Home: 742.6908

Don Williams
Home: 747.5320

David Jones
Home: 752.1944

James "Chubby" Knight
Home: 549-0291

David Montgomery
Office: 424.1414
Home: 747.9886

Timothy A Larkin
Office: 747.2300
Home: 425.2300

4. Attend the Nov 17 City Council Meeting to support the arts.

Kelly Warner, Executive Director
Bossier Arts Council

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