Monday, November 16, 2009

Chris Brown's Romp & Stomp show, KSCL, 91.3, to feature Bruce Flett on Tues, Nov 17, 8 pm

Bruce Flett, Shreveport
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"I'm gonna be Chris Brown's special guest on "Romp & Stomp" Tuesday at 8pm..KSCL 91.3fm," writes musician and musical historian Bruce Flett.

"We'll be talking about and playing music from Shreveport Music History," says Flett. "We'll focus on the R&B successes of the 60s and 70s but begin with the "Suzie Q" 50s."

This Amazon.UK listing of the album "Red River Blues: Shreveport Blues from Ram Records," reminds readers that Shreveport muic history is a big deal in England and places like Australia, Japan and Germany.

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Chris said...

Robert, thanks for the plug! -Chris Brown