Saturday, September 15, 2007

Shreveport Symphony Orchestra tickets: how to get last-minute seats at Shreveport's Riverview Theater

Getting last-minute tickets to a concert by the Shreveport Symphony Orchestra is a great idea. Here's how to make the process easier:

Call the SSO ticket line, 227-8863 (227-TUNE). On concert day - noon through the concert's intermission - there will be a phone link that rings the Riverview Theater box office (673-5108).

But there's only one line at the Riverview Theater. If someone's on the line purchasing tickets, the phone line may ring and ring. Do not despair. Call back in a few minutes, says volunteer Deborah Scarlatto.

You may purchase single tickets or you might like this option, which is my choice: Anytime Tickets. According to the SSO:

Buy Anytime Tickets for Flexibility. Don't put off buying your Symphony tickets because of scheduling difficulty. Our Anytime Ticket Package provides you with six vouchers you can redeem for tickets to any concert except special events concerts. You can use all the vouchers at once, or spread them out over several concerts.

To redeem them for tickets, just call in advance. We'll reserve the best seats available. Cost for the six-vouchers Anytime Tickets Package is $192. You get all the privileges of a season subscriber plus up to 20% off the cost of single tickets.

7:30 pm is the usual start time for concerts presented by the SSO.

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