Saturday, September 08, 2007

Artport returns to Shreveport Regional Airport with fresh paintings; party with 100 artists and Dirtfoot on Th, Sept 13, 6 to 9 pm

ArtPort 2007, says Lewis Kalmbach, opens Thurs, Sept 13, with what promises to be a gatagious get-together in the lobby and hallways of the Shreveport Regional Airport.

Music by Dirtfoot.
Dancing by the Dirtfoot dancers.
Free airport parking.
Admission: nada.
6 - 9 pm.
Food and drink.
100 Artists.

Here's a video invitation by Kalmbach, the event's founder and navigator.

Questions? Kim Hall, 800.317.8611

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Pan's Pantry said...

That's a lovely photo of Talbot (and the rest of the family, too.)