Sunday, September 02, 2007

Cafe Video Drome new on first Fridays from Centenary Film Society: touted Korean movie The Host Fri, Sept 7, 9 pm

Poster for The Host
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"Cafe Video Drome," says Leo Kacenjar, media student and head of Centenary Film Society, "is the Film Society's rendition of Friday Night Madness. This is a great opportunity to see cult, extreme and otherwise eclectic cinema of the world. Screenings are the first Friday of every month."

All screenings start at 9 P.M. in Carlyle Auditorium

Admission is free, and the films are open to the public, though preference in capacity seating is given to Centenary students.

"View at your own discretion!" says Kacenjar, a fellow who has grown up part of the Litigious Society. "Movies are meant to be fun, but may be a little extreme at times. Hang on for the ride."

Fri, Sept 7, CFS presents "The Host."

Kacenjar: "This Korean creature flick is a satire, comedy, and horror rolled into one. Moments range from horrific monster violence to slap-stick comedy. Surely this film will rise to cult status."

The trailer's on youtube.

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