Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Bill Joyce-designed Faces of Katrina exhibit to open in Baton Rouge at the Capital Visitor's Center on Oct 1

Lorenzo Elston, Katrina evacuee
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"More than 10,000 students from across Louisiana are already scheduled to tour the Faces of Katrina exhibit" when it opens in Baton Rouge, says Pam Atchison, director of Shreveport Regional Arts Council.

Bill Joyce and Pam Atchison are planning the installation of the giant photos and boards filled with text that were displayed initially in the Artspace exhibit in Shreveport.

Faces of Katrina will open October 1 at the Capital Visitor's Center, Baton Rouge, according to Atchison.

The black and white exhibit, which drew some 5000 visitors to Artspace, Shreveport, is based on the work of photographers Stan Carpenter, Katherine Gaiennie, Talbot Hopkins, and Mike Silva, as well as Lafayette photographer Philip Gould.

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