Sunday, September 02, 2007

Flanagan's Pub closed; new rock venue, The Warehouse, 630 Commerce, to open Wed, Sept 12, featuring national and local bands

The American Tragedy
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At we found "New rock club coming to Shreveport! Booking now. It's a 400-capacity live music/dance/sports club in downtown Shreveport at 630 Commerce St.

We are working to revitalize downtown and your support is appreciated!

The format: Thursday nights are KTUX 99X's Homegrown Live featuring bands played on Homegrown.
Fridays - National and the region's best original bands.
Saturdays -College rock style cover bands and tribute acts (like Motley Crued).

Also part of the message at Intense Entertainment was "I'm sad to say that after ten years, Flannagan's is now closed. Ever seen the movie, "the Money Pit?" We put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this club and hate to see it go. However, it was not due to a lack of local support. Thank you all! Stay tuned for exciting new developments." Indeed, the says simply, "We are closed." Though the calendar was booked for a month.

The Warehouse schedule, as listed at KSCL 91.3:

Wed, Sept 12
Hard Rock groups Red (Nashville), Machina (Little Rock), Junior (Gladewater, TX), and Moria Red (Shreveport) will be performing at the opening weekend of the Warehouse.

Thurs, Sept 13
Dirtfoot and Nothingmore. This show is 21-and-up.

Fri, Sept 14
Porcelain Arms and the Crisis. 21-and-up.

Sat, Sept 15
Reflections Burn and Sunset Veil.

Intense Entertainment is also managing bands such as The American Tragedy and Crackfight as well as producing independent shows. Whoa.

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