Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Amy Baber Fine Art has new work by Oklahoma artist Sunni Mercer; reception Sat, Sept 15, 6 pm

Amy Baber in her gallery
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Sunni Mercer's distilled landscapes are far from the entire story on this Oklahoma artist. Fresh paintings from Mercer can be viewed in the Amy Baber Fine Art gallery at 6505 Line Ave, suite 2 of Pierremont Common. But there is a world of art that precedes the stark, intriguing trees at Baber.

Ms. Mercer served as the Director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial Center, overseeing the design phase of the museum. She is an NEA Regional Fellow. Her work is archived at the Smithsonian Institution and she is certified with the National Parks Service in Interpretive Planning.

Baber and gallery partner Carl Bearden continue to demonstrate a rarified sensibility in the art that they present. They handle a few artists who reside in the area, such as Michael G Moore, Bill Gingles, Rachel Stuart-Haas, D. Brian Dooley and Carl Bearden. The remainder of their artists are from the wide blue. The contrast and flow of the art presented is a study in taste and packaging.

The Mercer paintings will be up from Sept 8 to Oct 6.
Reception Sat, Sept 15, 6 to 8 pm.

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