Friday, September 21, 2007

Hot pixels: view from the balcony and additional views of the Robinson Film Center construction on Texas St from Chris Jay, today

The Balcony!
Originally uploaded by Robinson Film Center
Says the Robinson's leg man, Chris Jay, "Noticed those giant, steel spikes looming over Texas Street? Those are the first signs of our balcony's installation. You can see the balcony as it is planned in many of our architectural renderings."

Additionally, at the RFC site, you'll see a tight photo essay on the latest construction and what it all means. Such as "The Celebrity Theater is coming along very quickly. Even the front row viewers won't feel squashed up against the screen or forced to strain their necks. Wider-than-average seats and aisles with more legroom are added perks."

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Tour de Shreveport said...

Our walking tours passed by there this weekend. The giant steel spikes are very impressive... and exciting.