Monday, September 10, 2007

Americana, unplugged: Chuck Pyle sings quietly at Fairfield Studios Sun, Sept 16, 7 pm

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"No one captures the feeling of the west like Chuck Pyle" says a reviewer for " Not the vulgar defiant individualist who struts around sticking his low social grace in your face, but the quiet introspective lover of the land; all its textures and creatures. His stuff is completely relaxing.

"Endless Sky" is is the third release by the singer-songwriter from Colorado, the first two being "Step by Step" and "Drifter's Wind." Pyle spent several years writing country music in Nashville for among others Jerry Jeff Walker. Today, he writes songs, gives workshops, and tours; preferring to create music that is less commercial and truer to himself."

In addition, monsieur Pyle has a beautiful web site.

Sun, Sept 16, 7 pm
Sponsors: Bossier Arts Council & Red River Radio.

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